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Old Spice 'Muscle Music' ad puts The Man Your Man Could Smell Like to shame -- VIDEO

Look at your screen, then down at your keyboard, then back at your screen. You’ve now seen everything you’ll need to enjoy Old Spice’s new “Muscle Man” ad, an interactive experience starring Newsroom bodyguard/NFL alum Terry Crews.

The ad takes the company’s gleefully absurd campaigns to a whole new level, allowing viewers to step into the Old Spice “Danger Zone” and compose their own percussive masterpiece – using only the power of Crews’ flexed muscles. Give it a shot, and don’t forget to experiment with both light taps and sustained key-holding:

Which keystroke leads to your favorite result? I’m partial to what happens after pressing the semicolon, but z, x, and c are close seconds. (FLAME SAX!)

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