Darren Franich
August 30, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

[Update: My full recap is now live!] One of the most eventful weeks in Big Brother history came to an end tonight, with an eviction episode that set up this season’s endgame. One week ago, Mike Boogie and Smashley went home in a stunning double-elimination facilitated by Quack Pack mole Ian, but the Quack Pack’s ultimate target, Frank, managed to ascend to the Head of Household throneroom in a mesmerizing come-from-far-far-behind HoH competition. Then, last night, a desperate Dan hatched a daring plan…and wound up forming an alliance with his number-one nemesis, Frank. That plan resulted in Britney — the Lucille Bluth of the Big Brother house — going up on the block against angelic Danielle.

Would the house send Britney home, leaving the Dan/Frank alliance on a clear path to victory? Well, in the end [SPOILERS FROM HERE] Britney was sent packing. It was a 4-1 vote, with only Ian supporting Britney in the end. In some respects, that’s a confusing result — Shane and Joe were voting in a bloc, and it wasn’t entire clear why Shane turned on his closest ally in the house. But Shane follows his hair, and his hair was gelled in Danielle’s direction this week. Alas.

The evening was filled with screaming drama. In the wake of the veto, Ian and Britney went on separate scorched-earth tirades — Ian against his former teammate Frank, and Britney against her close friend Dan. It will be intriguing to see if the psychic effect of those battles will be felt in future weeks, especially now that all the evicted houseguests will be going to the Jury Purgatory.

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