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'Glee' gets a new costume designer, Rachel and Kurt get new looks for season 4

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Elizabeth Martucci has taken over the Glee wardrobe department. After two years of assisting Lou Eyrich – who is now creating nun habits and 1960s separates for season two of American Horror Story – the costume designer stepped into the lead role just in time to give Rachel and Kurt their New York City makeovers. EW caught up with Martucci to find out how she’s taking the duo’s looks in a new direction, where she finds fashion inspiration and what it’s like to shop for a living.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did Lea Michele and Chris Colfer have input on how their character’s style would change once they moved to New York City?
ELIZABETH MARTUCCI: I always enjoy hearing the actors’ thoughts, it’s a collaboration. I’ve been with the show since the second season, so we’re not starting fresh. We have relationships and there’s already trust there.

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Originally posted August 30 2012 — 6:39 PM EDT



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