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Erin Strecker
August 30, 2012 AT 09:10 PM EDT


Ryan Lochte is probably getting his own reality show. EW previously reported that he was interested in either Dancing with the Stars or being the new Bachelor, but it seems Lochte had more individual stardom dreams. According to Celebuzz, Lochte said he is in talks with E! to get his own series. What on earth would it be about?

“Pretty much, they follow me on my normal day, just training, doing my own fashion line,” he said in a video interview with the site.

After watching his interviews with Matt Lauer, it’s hard to imagine him carrying an entire show, but I’m going to envision a couple scenarios on how Living Lochte could play out:

-It’s on E!, so there inevitably has to be some kind of Kardashian tie-in. What if Lochte “created” a line of clothes that the Kardashians then “sold” at their “shop”? Spin-off potential!

– He’s famous, and obviously attractive, but I’m wondering just how famous he’s going to be once everyone comes down off their post-Olympic high. I can see myself having a lazy Sunday where I marathon him doing odd jobs around L.A. where you can tweet in and vote if people will recognize him at say, working at an ice cream shop.

-If he’s insistent on making the fashion thing happen (and I think fashion may be his fetch), bring the fashion to him. Get a couple of other “celebrity” designers, and turn E! into the new Lifetime aka the old Bravo: Project Runway Redux.

Pop Watchers: What about you? Is there any scenario where you can see watching a Lochte reality show?

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