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September 05, 2012 AT 02:19 PM EDT

Springsteen worship is a given for New Jersey residents; kids there practically memorize Born to Run before they can walk. Fittingly, the state’s governor may be the biggest Bruce fan of all. As Chris Christie told Jimmy Fallon last night, he’s seen Springsteen live 130 times over the past 37 years. And when Christie watches his idol, he doesn’t just listen quietly with his hands folded in his lap — he pumps his fist and screams along with every song, just as the Boss and nature intended. Christie’s love evidently has no political bounds — the Republican must not mind that Springsteen is a vocal Obama supporter.

Fallon, of course, is also a huge Springsteen fan — and he wasn’t about to let the governor get away without engaging in a little karaoke. Thus, this:


You know, the two of them don’t sound half bad together. Maybe Fallon should invite Christie to record a formal duet on his next comedy album; if Bruce himself consented, how could the governor possibly say no?

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