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Muse release video for 'Madness': Watch it here

Consider it a sign o’ the times: Muse are doing dubstep.

Well, not exactly.  The English rockers’ new single, “Madness,” does feature a bit of that inescapable wub-wub-wub, but it’s more of a subdued textural element than a trouser-dropping bass cannon.  The song itself is also more restrained than much of their catalog, a subtle, layered groove with yearning harmonies.

In the video, our leggy heroine navigates the London Underground as a riot breaks out around her.  Its shadowy hues of green and blue suggest melancholy and urban decay, and serve as a perfect palette for the tune’s understated resignation.  Watch it below:

Be on the lookout for the Brian May-tinged guitar solo at 3:06 - it’s a dead ringer for Queen’s “I Want to Break Free.”
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