Sandra Gonzalez
September 10, 2012 AT 09:16 PM EDT

Everything has changed in Storybrooke when the second season of Once Upon a Time begins.

The line between reality and fairytale was eliminated in the season finale after the curse was broken, and when we pick up with all our favorites, it looks like they’re all still getting used to their new, fully-aware psyches. “So what do we do now?” says Ruby. And that’s the big question.

On top of all that, as the new promo touts, “there is no telling what will be unleashed” as a result of all the changes in the town. (Belle certainly has some concerns. “Promise me you won’t give into your hate,” she begs of Rumple at one point.)

Get a glimpse at what else awaits us on Sept. 30 when the show returns by playing the video below!


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