Darren Franich
September 12, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The final week of Big Brother 14 got off to a rollicking start tonight, with a special surprise eviction episode. Would the Quack Pack complete their Quack destiny of total Quack domination, and expel the lone floater hold-out Jenn from house? Or would Dan’s mad plan to backstab Shane come to fruition? Well, the votes are in, and… [SPOILER ALERT] after Shane won the power of veto and was replaced on the block by Danielle, the Quack Pack knocked Jenn City out of the house. [UPDATE: Read my full recap of the episode here.]

It’s perhaps not surprising to see Jenn go, considering what a non-entity she was in the first half of the summer. (Although it’s worth pointing out that she had emerged as a viable competitor in the last few weeks — if only because it seemed like Dan might carry her into the final three.)

But at this point, the race feels wide open. Dan is an ace puppet master; Shane is dynamite in competitions; Ian has emerged as the season’s stealth missile, becoming more powerful every week; and Danielle might be the world’s luckiest floater, but with both Dan and Shane depending on her alliance, she’s also the person best placed to make a final-act power move. And she’s in excellent position: As the episode ended, she narrowly defeated her mentor Dan to win the HoH crown.

Check out my full recap here, or start talking in the comment boards! How ’bout those Fierce Five, eh?

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