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September 12, 2012 AT 07:43 AM EDT

After watching Sarah Ramos’ Haddie head off to college in the season premiere of Parenthood, fans likely found themselves asking the same question: Is she gone for good?!

Luckily, the answer is no. “In terms of where Haddie was going to college, we wanted to make the show feel as realistic as possible,” executive producer Jason Katims tells EW. “As much as we love Sarah Ramos and would want her to be in every episode we felt that the reality would be this was a girl who goes away to college. However, we will definitely see Haddie again this season — sooner rather than later as a family crisis throws a curveball at her in her first semester at college.”

Parenthood kicked off its fourth season last night with an episode that, as EW’s critic Ken Tucker said, “demonstrated once again how engrossing this series can be.”

And Katims says it’s just the beginning. Below, he offered up four teases for next week’s episode:

1. “Episode 2 gets kicked off when Crosby discovers that Adam has his entire life scheduled in his cell phone — including sex!” previews Katims, adding that the term “Funkytown” will take on a whole new meaning by the end of the hour. And while Crosby teases his brother about his overly structured life, back at home, Jasmine begins to see that there might be benefits to a little organization.

2. At another Braverman household, with the nest feeling emptier than ever, Kristina becomes “obsessed with the urgent need to buy a family dog,” says Katims. And it turns out to be an adorable — yet frustrating — process.

3. Heartbreak, ahead! After Amy breaks up with Drew, he finds advice on how to deal with a broken heart from an unlikely source: His mom’s new boss, played by Ray Romano. “Sarah [is] concerned about what kind of advice the embittered Hank would have, [but he] surprises Sarah, and she starts to see there’s another side to this guy,” says Katims.

4.  Meanwhile, Julia continues to have struggles with Victor, especially when he fakes being sick to get out of going to school. “Finally, Julia has to take matters into her own hands and go to extreme measures to get Victor to go to school,” says Katims. “It works, but we get the sense that adopting Victor is going to continue to be full of challenges.”

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