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'Fringe': A new photo from 2036 -- EXCLUSIVE


(Liane Hentscher/Fox)

As you should have already heard, the fifth and final (sniff) season of Fringe largely takes place in 2036, a time in which the Observers have taken over.

In this season, which picks up right after “Letters of Transit,” the Fringe team, who have been preserved in amber for 20 years, are part of the resistance movement and fighting for freedom from their pale rulers. And it’s clear in the photo below, which you’re seeing first on, that they’re not going down without a fight.

The premiere, airing Sept. 28, also finds Peter (Joshua Jackson), Astrid (Jasika Nicole), and Peter and Olivia’s grown-up daughter Etta (Georgina Haig) on an important quest to find out what happened to Olivia (Anna Torv). There are no clues in the photo – but I’m dying to see what they’re staring at so intensely…

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Originally posted September 13 2012 — 2:58 PM EDT


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