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Sunday night TV smackdown: Fox vs. ABC

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On Sunday, Sept. 30, tune in for a feud as old as time itself: Fox vs. ABC.  That’s right, Popwatchers, it’s the start of another fall TV season, and with it comes the heartrending decision that cuts to our core: which shows to watch live?

As if having to choose between The X-Factor and The Voice wasn’t terrible enough, on Sundays from 8-10pm you’ll have to pick either Fox’s animated comedy block or ABC’s dramatic pairing of Once Upon a Time and Revenge.  The Fox lineup boasts some entrenched heavyweights - The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad - and an acclaimed young buck, Bob’s Burgers.  ABC, in the other corner, features two welterweight dramas whose first seasons were among the network’s most popular in years.

Don’t forget your aprons, PopWatchers, because this battle royale is about to get messy.

Fox or ABC?  Comedy or Drama?  Animation or Live-Action?  Cast your vote and make your voice heard.

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