Hillary Busis
September 18, 2012 AT 01:39 PM EDT

Green Arrow or gritty, urban Robin Hood? The line looks a little blurry in the following sneak peek of The CW’s Arrow, the story of rich playboy turned crusading vigilante Oliver Queen. In this clip from the series’ pilot, Queen’s super alter ego heads to a dark parking garage, where he persuades a certain bad guy to help Starling City… or else. Hint: The henchmen don’t exactly make it out unscathed.

The video is a good indication of the show’s darker-than-Smallville tone, as well as its “rage of the 99 percent” ethos. As co-creator Marc Guggenheim told reporters at Comic-Con this year, Oliver is targeting “the wealthy and corrupt. There’s some echos of the 1 percent and Occupy Wall Street …  he’s a man of the people and taking it back for the little guy.” Give it a shot, won’t you?

Aim your bow at Oct. 10 — that’s when Arrow premieres on The CW.

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