Hillary Busis
September 19, 2012 AT 09:24 PM EDT

Avast, me hearties, and feast yer eyes on th’ calendar decoratin’ Davy Jones’ Locker. That’s right, maties: Once more, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day. The 10th annual worldwide celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, to be precise. We can harrrrdly arrrrrticulate ourrrrrr excitement.

Confused? Let me drop the Long John Silver act and explain. In 1995, a group of friends discovered that it’s really, really fun to pepper your speech with buccaneer slang. Their first ever TLAPD was a private joke shared among a small group of pals. But in 2002, the gang told humorist Dave Barry about their brilliant invention via email. He wrote a column about TLAPD — and the rest be history.

Now, TLAPD is celebrated across the globe. Oreo marked the occasion by posting this photo on their Facebook page. Krispy Kreme is giving away free booty — a.k.a. one doughnut — to any customers who order by talking like a pirate. (Deck yourself out in full pirate attire, and you’ll walk the plank with a dozen doughnuts in hand.) And Broadway’s Peter and the Starcatcher encouraged fans to come to the theater wearing fake mustaches; the first 100 people to arrive got free tickets to tonight’s performance.

Yes, it’s all very silly — but observing Talk Like a Pirate Day may be the best way to perk up a dull Wednesday. So have at it, ye scurvy scalawags! How are you celebratin’ today? What be your favorite pirate joke? (Correct answer: The one about the pirate with the steering wheel in his pants.) And in the end, what’s more fun — talking like a pirate or talking like a leprechaun? There’s more nuance there than you might think!

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