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'SNL Weekend Update' Thursdays. What do you want to see tonight? -- VIDEO


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Now in primetime…it’s Saturday Night Live!

Tonight, the first of NBC’s two “Weekend Update” Thursday specials airs. Anchor Seth Meyers and other SNL favorites will go head-to-head with Stewart/Colbert and the other late-night comedians for immediate, timely jokes. The sketch show couldn’t have picked a better time to launch its special, given Mitt Romney’s now-infamous “47 percent” comments, Clint Eastwood’s new habit of chatting with an empty chair, the Innocence of Muslims movie, and recent Tim Kaine comments.

NBC released a video asking Meyers what to expect tonight. He teased that Bill Hader and Bobby Moynihan will definitely show up and that there will be a cold open much like regular SNL episodes. Celebrity guest stars seem likely – in one 2008 episode, Bill Murray memorably showed up. One can only hope that after Bill Clinton’s well-received DNC speech, Darrell Hammond’s Clinton may be resurrected.

Watch an interview with Meyers below:

What else would you like to see them touch on tonight? It it too much to hope that Amy Poehler drops by for a very special “Really!?” segment?

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