Josh Stillman
September 25, 2012 AT 03:26 PM EDT

First things first: Lil Wayne is a great rapper (at least, he used to be). What Lil Wayne is not, however, is compliant in a court of law.

A little background: In 2009, Wayne sued Quincy Jones III, son of music producer Quincy Jones (Michael Jackson’s Thriller), over a documentary called The Carter, (via Digital Spy). Now he’s filed a second lawsuit against Jones, claiming the film illegally used tunes from Tha Carter IV. Which brings us to the current debacle: Wayne’s deposition.

In courtroom video leaked by TMZ, Wayne is interrogated by Jones’ powerhouse lawyer, Pete Ross; Wayne apparently decides that the appropriate way to behave during his examination is like an insolent teenager being scolded for skipping class. He even goes beyond mere skulking and threatens the lawyer.

Hey Mr. Carter, I don’t know where ya been, but I can tell you where you might end up with those antics: back in prison.

Representatives from Wayne’s camp did not return requests for comment.

Check out Weezy’s hilariously juvenile shenanigans in the video below, and please, please, please sound off in the comments.

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