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Dalton Ross
September 26, 2012 AT 03:50 PM EDT

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The potential for embarrassment when you go on a reality TV show cannot be understated. Frankly, if you don’t embarrass yourself, then what good are you? They put you on the show to embarrass yourself! Now get to it! Right before filming began, I decided to warm up the contestants of Survivor: Philippines for the experience for getting them to share with me their most humiliating moments to date, and boy, are there some doozies.

Which contestant once jumped into bed with the wrong (naked) man? Who accidentally flashed her lady parts? Who accidentally flashed his man parts? Who got caught shoplifting beef jerky? And who started vomiting violently just 3 days before filming began? To learn the identities of these and other culprits, click on the video payer below. (Note to self: never do Pete’s laundry. Never. Ever. Ever.) And for more Survivor scoop all season long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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