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50 Cent tweets four-step plan to stop masturbation

(Jesse Cowell/My Damn Channel)

Are you looking for a way to become the “master of your domain,” “king of the county,” “lord of the manor,” “queen of the castle”? Rest assured, 50 Cent has the antidote for you. The rapper tweeted a simple, four-step “stop-masturbating” plan last night. Fitty, who’s always been a man of “the Book,” just wants his fans to live a “sin”-free life.

Here are the tweets below.

[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251026124451229696 align=’center’]

[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251055345856811010 align=’center’]
[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251074079463993344 align=’center’]
[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251076151731163136 align=’center’]
[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251077918275547138 align=’center’]
[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251078849234862080 align=’center’]
[tweet https://twitter.com/50cent/status/251079915519225856 align=’center’]

These are great suggestions, but may we propose a fifth step? Do not go to “the candy shop.”

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