Hillary Busis
September 27, 2012 AT 01:58 PM EDT

It’s a good thing last night’s Daily Show taped before the NFL and its game officials reached an agreement ending their labor dispute. See, the lockout inspired Jon Stewart’s own underpaid, overworked correspondents to go on strike themselves, opening the gig up to a crew of scabs.

But unlike their NFL counterparts, The Daily Show‘s stand-ins weren’t mind-bogglingly incompetent. Instead, they were a startlingly overqualified crew — led by four-time Emmy nominee Patrick Stewart in a ridiculous John Oliver wig. Missing his Shakespearean take on Daily Show reporting — as well as Jon Stewart’s fawning reaction — would be a major foul. Forsooth, ’tis the video itself:

Wait a minute — Professor X isn’t sticking around? It truly is the winter of our desk and its contents!

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