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October 01, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It’s October!! Holy muffins. How did that happen?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks on my end. First, there was the Emmys, immediately followed by a series of set visits in Vancouver that sucked the life out of me in the best way possible. Now I’m back in New York, fall is in full swing, new shows are beginning to stick (and others, not so much), and hopefully we’re all enjoying having DVRs full of goodness. I know I am.

So let’s get to it. Remember to be sending me your scoop requests ( and follow me on Twitter for witty commentary and TV news. Also, if you’re emailing, take a second to tell me your favorite new show of the fall. This is an informal poll, but I’m really curious what scoop you might be craving in the near future. Time for some dish. Nom. Nom. Nom.


There’s no place as wonderfully warm and weird as the set of Fringe. A few journos and I had the pleasure of visiting the gang in Vancouver last week, and when I wasn’t handing out EWwy awards, I was gathering some fun little intel for fans of the mind-bending cult fave. (If you haven’t read the post-mortem from Friday, head here.)

+ Episode 4 is a game changer for Peter. After asked what Peter’s greatest challenge in the new world is, Joshua Jackson smiled and teased: “Ask me again after episode four.” “There’s pretty major revelations through this three-act play that we’re doing, but for [Peter] there’s a pretty major shift that comes after 4,” he says.

+ Jackson, ever the tease master, adds this about the menacing nature of the world they live in: “We have a scene — with a character who I will not name, doing a thing I can’t tell you about — where [a dangerous] scenario plays out. It’s just a small, quotidian thing. [But] one break from the routine leads to disaster. I mean, really f–king major disaster. And if that sense of dread permeates the show this year, I think that’s really good.”

+ Did you think egg sticks were clever? Wait till you see what apples look like in 2036.

+ Lastly, Jackson can’t wait for super-fans to check out one specific moment that happens in the first batch of new episodes.”This is one of those things you don’t want to tease it too much, because maybe everyone will be like, ‘Eh.’ The thing that we reveal in the episode that we’re shooting right now is — if you’re geeked out on the mythology of the show, it is going to be one of those knock-your-socks-off moments.”


Can you believe it’s already October?! And you know what that means? OCTOBER BLOODBATH! (We’re talking about relationships, people.)

As previewed for you during summer, tonight’s episode kicks off the month of relationship casualties with an episode that executive producer Craig Thomas previously called a “Neil Patrick Harris tour de force.” In it, Barney draws up a completely ridiculous pre-nup that will likely make women (and every decent man) cringe.

But which couple will be the first to go? Well, we know Victoria isn’t the mother, but I’m thinking it’s still too soon to bid farewell to Victoria. (Also, Klaus is in this episode, and I’m not ready to say goodbye to the wonderful Thomas Lennon either.) That leaves Barney and Robin, and per Thomas, we know that “[November] sweeps will really heat up [the] progression of Barney and Robin getting back together.” But first? Splitsville! The answer will likely not come as a huge surprise, but the episode coda definitely warm your heart. All the better to prep you for November, when Thomas says Barney and Robin reunite in “a fun, weirdly appropriate way.” “It’s a weird way to get them back together, but it’s really fun and circuitous,” he says.

(Read our full premiere post-mortem here.)


In three episodes, Parenthood has already managed to top last year’s season — a feat I didn’t think was possible. And if you read my post-mortem with Jason Katims, you know this is only the beginning. But for those of you who clamored for even more scoop, here are three outtakes from our chat that might satisfy your craving for Braverman scoop.

+ FAQ1: Will Monica Potter have to cut her hair? Katims isn’t sure yet, saying they’ll cross that bridge a little later in the season. But, he says, “we are committed — as Monica is — to telling this story in a way that is realistic. I think it would be unfair to tell the story and have her and not lose her hair. How we’re going to do that, we haven’t decided yet. But it doesn’t mean she literally needs to cut her hair.”

+ FAQ2: What’s going on with Drew post-Amy?/Any chance there will be a gay twist? No. Drew’s not gay. In fact, Amy’s not even gone for good, as Katims assures “we haven’t seen the last of her.” And Drew’s troubles aren’t limited to his romantic life. When Sarah moves in with Mark later this season, the teen is less than pleased. “I think the episode last year we did between Miles and Jason Ritter — where they were trying to connect and it turned out badly — [was great]. I’m excited to explore that relationship and the stories of the three of them trying to live in a small apartment together,” says Katims.

+ FAQ3: Amber scoop! Look for Matt Lauria, who plays a soldier returning from Afghanistan, to be more than a fleeting romance for the young girl. “We’re really excited about that storyline because Ryan, the character that Matt plays, is such a different type of guy than any we’ve seen her with the entire series,” says Katims. “We’ve seen her always finding the wrong guys and this guy is really different, but he definitely has things he’s still working out from what he’s been through. We get to watch Amber be in a more adult and more mature relationship than we’ve seen her before.”

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