Solvej Schou
October 01, 2012 AT 08:47 PM EDT

Any parent would be as happy as a clam if his or her kid announced that they are going to host the Academy Awards, but not Seth MacFarlane’s pop. When the newly minted Oscar host invited his dad over to tell him the news — he acts less excited than expected. Watch the video below:

“I’ve been asked to host the 85th annual Academy Awards,” MacFarlane says to his father, in the video that the Family Guy creator posted on Twitter.

“Wow,” replies his dad, unsmiling. “Isn’t that great?” gushes MacFarlane. “That’s pretty amazing,” says his dad, still not smiling. “I’m overwhelmed with excitement,” says MacFarlane, waving his hands around. “Congratulations,” says his dad, still stoic, before telling MacFarlane, “Anyway, I brought you these bathing suits, and I want you to have them. They don’t fit me anymore, obviously. “

What follows is an argument over used bathing suits, with last year’s Oscar host Billy Crystal name-dropped in. Could MacFarlane’s dad, with his own comic timing, have a place in next year’s telecast as MacFarlane’s sidekick? Hmmmmmm.

The 85th annual Academy Awards will be broadcast live on ABC on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013.

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