Lynette Rice
October 02, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Just because it’s the all-stars edition, doesn’t mean the weakest dancers always go home first!  To read the parting words from the latest hoofer to depart Dancing with the Stars, head to the jump.

Maybe you should have let the producers film you shooting a semi-automatic, Joey Fatone. Though Bristol Palin earned the lowest score on Monday (a mere 18 out of 30) for her very forgettable hoe-down quickstep, the video montage of her letting off steam at a gun range probably generated lots of votes among the gun lobby! Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot left for the N’Syncer, who together with partner Kym Johnson, became the second all-star to leave the ballroom.

“Oh my God!” Fatone said after the show, feigning tears. “I just want to entertain!” Okay somebody be serious. “I felt like we did a good dance last night,” Johnson chimed in. They did, actually: Their theatrical number that had Fatone channeling Charlie Chaplin earned a 22.5 and put them right in the middle of the pack. “It’s not bad when you go out on a good dance.”

In fact, it’s only bad when you go out in the first week. “I said at the beginning, as long as I don’t go first I am happy,” Fatone said. “I think we did the best of our abilities. We are not disappointed in what we did. We are disappointed because we had so much more to do.”

“We work well together and we have all these great ideas,” Johnson added.

Fatone could only shrug his shoulders and say with a smile, “sh– happens.”

Next up for Fatone? He’ll soon return as host of a show called My Family Recipe Rocks on Live Well Network. Until then, he has his fingers crossed for Drew Lachey but he’s partial to a certain Olympic skater. “I’m a little biased. It may sound odd but my season, Apolo won,” he says of Apolo Ohno, who took home the trophy in season 4. “So he is the one representing my season, so he should go as well.”

Advice for Ohno, then? “Don’t suck,” Fatone says.

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