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'Arrested Development' holds contest for six walk-on roles in upcoming season

It could be the biggest teaming of two forces since GOB and Tobais formed Gobias Industries: Arrested Development and… you? The folks behind the critically acclaimed, gone-too-soon Fox comedy that is being revived on Netflix announced today that they will give away six walk-on roles for “super fans” to make an appearance in the show’s fourth season, which is slated to debut in the spring.

To be eligible for a moment of greatness, fans must submit an original Arrested-themed creation – video, photo, piece of art, etc. Details on the “You’re Gonna Get Some Walk-Ons Contest” (a nod to the classic line about the Bluth’s stair car) are available right here. There’s no mention of runners-up getting to serve as banana stand-ins, though. Curious.

Check out this video, in which Arrested star Michael Cera reunites with an old friend while giving series creator Mitchell Hurwitz his hearty endorsement of the contest.


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