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Tara Fowler
October 03, 2012 AT 04:15 PM EDT

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show doesn’t air until Dec. 4, but the performers are already lining up for the iconic runway spectacle. Rihanna, Bruno Mars and now Justin Bieber are all set to take the stage for this year’s show.

Wait a second. Justin Bieber? Yes, it’s true. The teen pop star will grace the runway alongside the Angels and their $2.5 million bras this winter, and while I’m sure Bieber‘s excited about it, I can’t help but feel slightly queasy. (Though not this queasy.)

Now, I know he’s 18 years old. There is no real reason he shouldn’t be allowed to perform with half-naked ladies. And yet, it seems to be sending the wrong message. After all, according to Adriana Lima, this is a show where models embark on liquid diets for nine days prior to their runway walk. They don’t consume anything at all (not even water) in the 12 hours leading up to the show. When they finally do take the stage, it’s to be objectified by men and women alike. Is this the kind of thing we want Bieber’s young female fans to be exposed to?

Confession: I watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year on TV. I shop at their stores. I get their coupons mailed to my house. Basically, I’m the last person to take issue with the annual runway walk. But featuring a performer who’s barely of legal age, a performer whose main fan base is made up of young, impressionable girls, seems a little tasteless to me.

Bieber’s moving on. He’s growing up. And he should be able to do so. No one wants to be stuck as a child star forever. However, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show might not be the smartest way to say “I’m a man, baby!” Particularly when most of your fans are still kids.

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