Solvej Schou
October 03, 2012 AT 09:46 PM EDT

Jason Statham has the kind of intensity fit for a graphic novel superhero in the crime thriller Parker, where he plays a vengeful thief.

In this new trailer for Statham’s latest, out Jan. 25, he looks completely unrecognizable dressed as a priest, complete with a white haired wig and glasses, as he commits a robbery with a crew dressed as clowns (really, what’s scarier than that?). Then he beats up the double-crossing robbers, including baldie leader Michael Chiklis, in a car, gets shot himself, dresses like a Texas cowboy to exact revenge, and tells costar Jennifer Lopez to strip so he can check for a wire. She does, in slow motion, showing off polka-dotted skivvies. Then later, they kiss in the shower. Action fans, rev your engines.

“Civilized people need to follow rules. These are mine. Don’t steal from people who can’t afford it, and don’t hurt people that don’t deserve it,” intones Statham before wrecking havoc on his enemies. Here here. Watch the trailer below.

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