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Erin Strecker
October 03, 2012 AT 04:50 PM EDT

Picture how Law and Order: SVU detective John Munch would handle an early-morning chatfest, and you’ve got a pretty good idea how Richard Belzer’s local Fox New York interview went this morning.

Promoting the 14th season of Law and Order: SVU, Belzer couldn’t finish the interview without making a few controversial comments. When the anchor was reading an emailed-in question asking if other anchor Dave Price would appear on SVU, Belzer replied, “If he gets molested and banged in the a**, maybe.” Belzer quickly apologized and jokingly explained, “I meant banged against a piece of furniture.”

The obviously nervous-looking hosts tried to move on, but Belzer wasn’t done. “”Say hail to all your colleagues at the other division,” he said, along with a Nazi salute and a grin.

Watch the video below:

EW reached out to Belzer’s rep, who pointed us to TMZ , where the rep said that the remarks were a “satirical gesture toward Fox News … whose ideology he is opposed to,” and “The other portion was a joke pertaining to the material of Richard’s TV show, which he tweaked at the last-minute to make about furniture. A joke is a joke.”

An email to Fox was not returned.

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