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Abby West
October 04, 2012 AT 04:36 PM EDT

Courtesy of Sesame Street[/caption]

How often do national politics cross paths with children’s television? Not very. But the Internet immediately voted for Big Bird’s very survival last night when presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he would cut funding for public broadcasting, despite his love for Big Bird. Immediately twitter feeds went up either in Big Bird’s voice or in support of him. And then came the memes. Here are a few of the standouts:

Damn Big Bird, I feel you...

Astronaut Kid (@VanillaDropp) October 04, 2012

bigbird #debate @bigbird @big_bird via @TwitPic

Jessica Hackbarth (@JessicaAnnxoxo) October 04, 2012

And the hits keep coming and coming. How do you feel about the beloved children’s show character being pulled into the national discourse? Care to share some of your favorite Big Bird memes?

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