Erin Strecker
October 04, 2012 AT 11:03 PM EDT

James Franco is full Franco-ing at this point.

Your average everyday actor/writer/Oscar host/corporate pitchman/soap opera star/college student/college professor has yet another feather to add to his hipster hat: Spoken word performer/Motown recording artist.

Franco’s band, Daddy — featuring him and his friend Tim O’Keefe, a classmate at the Rhode Island School of Design — released their first EP, the Motown-flavored MotorCity, last week. After putting out a video for first single, “Love in the Old Days,” Franco is already giving us a little more. He told Billboard that he is working on a full-length album, and also recently dropped another single.

“We have another project that we’re working on. I guess if we complete all the songs it’ll be a full-length album, 10 to 12 songs,” he said. “We’re working on that right now. It’s a little different; the style’s not quite Motown but has a similar vibe.”

The Motown vibe Franco has previously described gains a legitimate touch from Smokey Robinson, who is featured on a remix of the track, “Crime.” Franco added, “[Robinson] just went into the booth and kinda grooved over it. It was great to see a master, somebody who had been doing it for decades and was just one of the best.”

Take a listen to the Daddy/Robinson collaboration below:

Are you a fan of this psychedelic video? Or do you prefer a more teen-pop version of Franco’s music — I’m looking at you, Cornrow-wearing, Selena Gomez-singing James.

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