Sandra Gonzalez
October 05, 2012 AT 07:10 PM EDT

For five years, we’ve heard Kristen Bell tell us on Gossip Girl that there’s one secret she’ll “never tell.” “But this year, she’s telling,” according to executive producer Stephanie Savage.

Fans have long theorized the identity of the quippy blogger, and last year, Georgina was revealed to be the temporary Gossip Girl in a much-touted episode. But the actual identity of the lady behind the moniker has remained a mystery.

So who IS Gossip Girl? The heck if we know, but we have some guesses — as does the cast, who shares them in the video below (where Savage and fellow EP Sara Goodman also tease the reveal).

Our favorite theory? Chace Crawford’s idea that Nate is working with Dorota — because it’s completely nuts.


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