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October 08, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

I’m simply floored by the amount of great TV on right now. Maybe I’m addicted. Maybe I need a life. And maybe I don’t care. It’s too much fun.

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If you haven’t watched last night’s episode, I recommend you skip over this little section.

I know, it’s rare that I give a spoiler warning within a spoiler column, but I would never want to ruin something as big as what happened at the end of last night’s Homeland. Just when I thought I had an idea of where the season was headed, my theory blew up in my face just two episodes in! And now that Saul has found Brody’s confession tape (!!) where does that leave us?

Well, when I caught up with executive producer Howard Gordon at the Emmys (yes, I’ve been holding the secret a long time!) he previewed the next steps for me. “[Saul] comes back to let everybody know — and let Carrie know, in particular — that what drove her to her breakdown was wrong and that she was actually right,” he says. “The second season doesn’t really begin until episode 3. Episodes 1 and 2 were, in a way, a preamble to the rest of the season.”

Brilliant. Purely brilliant. But also necessary, says Gordon. “The trick is finding these two characters who are in such wildly different places — Carrie’s character having had a breakdown and Brody on his political rise — and finding a way to get them back together again, which I think you begin to intimate how that might happen.”

Also next week? There’s blood on someone’s hands (literally), Jessica gets a chance to shine, and Saul once again wows by being two steps ahead of his peers and the audience.


Annie may have been the one on the mend as of late on Covert Affairs, but in episode 15, Auggie is going to be working on a little healing of his own.

The beloved character will be traveling back to Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit, a program for wounded veterans that aims to help them confront their memories. When Christopher Gorham and I last chatted, he was over the moon about both the program and the upcoming storyline. “[The program gets veterans] back into the field of battle so they can see the improvements that have been made since they’ve been gone, and it also gives them a chance to leave service on their own terms,” he said. “So Auggie is going to do that in a later episode and we’re going to explore that with him, which is going to be interesting.”

Initially, however, Auggie was supposed to be sent there on order from his psychiatrist (Daniella Alonso). But now that the actress is living without power on NBC’s Revolution, the show developed an alternative plan. Still, Gorham says he’s bummed. It’s great for Daniella because she’s been working so much on Revolution, but it’s been really frustrating because … the resolution was actually great and helped set up what happens in these last episodes,” he says.

Ack, Hollywood!


I’m still reeling from last week’s season premiere of Supernatural. But the one thing that has left me with a pit of fear in my stomach is this mystery surrounding Cas. (Seriously, how creepy was Dean while talking about it in the cabin? Love!) But as Misha Collins told a group of journos during a set visit to Vancouver, whatever transpired in Purgatory between the two of them started off as an act of penance for Cas.

“[Cas] left Dean because he wanted to try to keep him safe,” he says. “[Cas] being around is actually a liability in Purgatory, and he’s working to try to right the wrongs of his past doings.”

Episodes 7 and 8 will reveal much much more on that front as well as enlighten the audience about Cas’ arc for the season that involves a big threat, says Collins. “There’s something going on with Cas that neither Cas nor the brothers know. Cas is sort of being manipulated behind the scenes and he’s not aware of that and neither are the boys,” he says. “We’ll see how that affects their relationship in the long run.”

Meanwhile, when will we learn Cas’s thoughts on Dean’s new vampire buddy Benny? Soon. And let’s just say they all won’t likely be sharing beers any time soon. “He’s wary of Benny from the get-go, and I think that he then is possibly a bit jealous too of the friendship or camaraderie that happens between Dean and Benny,” he says. “You know, Cas doesn’t have a lot of other friends in Purgatory.” Someone get this angel a hug!

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