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Lady Gaga covers Justin Bieber by barfing on stage -- VIDEO

You’re nobody until millions of fans love you – or until you puke while performing in concert, whichever one comes first.

Pop tart Justin Bieber first blazed the trail by yakking in Glendale, Ariz., which is in no way a comment on the fine people of the Grand Canyon State. Now Lady Gaga – ever the trendsetter – has taken up the barf baton, tossing her cookies during a tour stop in Barcelona. Insert your best Lady Gag Reflex joke here.

Unlike Biebs, Gaga barely missed a beat, continuing to dance sexily as a slowed down “Edge of Glory” played despite the throw-up. Thanks to her prerecorded vocals, the song itself was barely interrupted. The clip, if you can stomach it:

Who will be the next star afflicted with Irritable Stage Stomach Syndrome – Beyoncé? Lana Del Rey? The entire cast of Glee? Nobody is safe – besides maybe someone who cancels a concert because she’s feeling ill.

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