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Justin Bieber covers Phish on 'Believe' tour

“Cover” is a strong word.

The Biebz recently took in a Phish concert with his girlfriend Selena Gomez and guitarist/musical director Dan Kanter. Now it seems his band’s taken to banging out portions of Phish tunes during interludes on stage. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re covering the songs - Kanter is basically working an occasional Phish guitar lick into Bieber originals - but it’s refreshing to hear something, you know, heady from the cherubic teen idol. He’s already admitted that he’s into Metallica and Boyz II Men - who’s to say he can’t also dig a jam band?

The band first tackled “Divided Sky” at a gig in Fresno, Calif.; a day later, in Oakland, they snuck “Sand” and “First Tube” into a segway between Bieber’s “Love Me Like You Do” and “She Don’t Like the Light.” Watch those two riffs in the video below at 4:32 and 5:35, respectively.

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