Hillary Busis
October 10, 2012 AT 02:02 PM EDT

Did you know that if Mitt Romney gets elected and cuts PBS’s funding, he’ll effectively be canceling his own series? That’s right — unbeknownst to most people, Massachusetts’s ex-governor has been hosting a children’s show on PBS called Mister Romney’s Neighborhood. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon unearthed a clip last night, and it really is a gem.

Romney has a knack for explaining tricky concepts like “wallet” (“Do you know what money is? I’m guessing no, because you’re watching public television”) and “choke,” a.k.a. what his mailman Mr. Obama did at the debate last week. And he really seems more approachable when he arrives home each day and trades his suit jacket in for a different suit jacket. Come, join the Republican candidate in his house and on a trip to the land of make-believe, the magical world where he and Paul Ryan find most of their facts:

So that’s where he’s been stashing those tax returns!

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