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'Supernatural' behind the scenes: Outfitting the Winchesters -- VIDEO


Just a few days before Supernatural’s eighth season kicked off last week, EW hit the set of the CW show for a look at the world of the Winchesters. (And got scoop. Lots of it.)

Among the stops on our tour? A room with the single largest collection of flannel shirts we’ve ever seen, a.k.a. the show’s wardrobe department. As assistant costume designer Dawn Grey explained, the three-story warehouse is one of two that the team maintains, and both are filled with iconic pieces from the show’s past.

In the video below, Grey gives us a tour, relives a few fan-favorite wardrobe moments (Dean’s coach outfit, Sam’s first non-flannel shirt) and highlights a few key pieces (Castiel’s coat!). Also, in case you missed it, stick around after that to see some more video from the set.

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