Tara Fowler
October 11, 2012 AT 03:41 PM EDT

Nick Offerman paid a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman last night and graced us with a ditty he uses to romance his wife, actress Megan Mullally.

The Parks and Recreation star whipped out a “conveniently-placed” guitar, then revealed that he composed “The Rainbow Song” for Mullally’s 50th birthday. “My first tip for prosperity is to engage in romantic love,” Offerman said. One example of such prosperity was his ode to Mullally, which included lines like “I’ve got my Cialis so I will not fail” and “You’re the one that I want to impale.” Enjoy a video of the performance below:


Nothing to get you in the mood like a little talk of impalement, right? Mr. Swanson, don’t make me blush!

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