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'The Simpsons': Check out Jeff Gordon's drive-by in next week's episode -- PHOTO



Who is the next famous person to make a pit stop in Springfield? Why, it’s NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon, who plays himself in the Oct. 21 episode of Fox’s The Simpsons, titled “Adventures in Baby-Getting.” In this first-look photo, you can see Gordon standing with Moe and a microphone-wielding Kent Brockman in Moe’s Tavern, while Barney pays close attention. So, what crazy set of circumstances brings the race car driver to town? Explains Simpsons exec producer Al Jean: “Jeff Gordon makes a brief celebrity cameo to make fun of our penchant for brief celebrity cameos.”

And now you know who drives for Team Kwik-E-Mart and brakes for Smilin’ Joe Fission.

Click here for a larger version of the photo.

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