Sandra Gonzalez
October 15, 2012 AT 10:06 PM EDT

Derrick Storm is back with an all-new adventure, and EW has a five-page preview!

As Castle fans know, Derrick Storm is the character created by author Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) on the show — it’s the franchise that made Castle a household name (and enabled him to afford his swanky loft).

And while the graphic novel doesn’t feature the illustrated versions of Castle, Beckett and the rest of the gang, Marvel editor Sana Amanat says fans might find Storm has more in common with Castle than we might think. “Derrick Storm is quite similar to Richard Castle: he’s clever, but awkward, silly, but loveable—and ultimately, extremely good at what he does—solving mysteries,” she says. “Clara Strike is the intense CIA agent and complicated love interest, while Carl Storm, Derrick’s father, and sidekicks Rebecca and Sassy, add great comedic moments to the story. The story keeps you intrigued and excited, while the characters keep you glued to the pages. This is as much about the espionage adventure as it is about the dynamic between these characters, which is also what makes the show so special.”

See below to check out these pages from the book, out today.


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