Ray Rahman
October 15, 2012 AT 06:39 PM EDT

Think Blake Shelton and company let The Voice contestants off too easily? TruTV agrees.

Next month, the cable network will premiere a new singing competition — with a killer twist. Every week, Killer Karaoke will challenge contestants to perform hit songs while simultaneously completing squirm-inducing physical challenges, like fending off attack dogs or getting dunked in a tank full of reptiles. Host Steve-O watches as the singers attempt to hit the notes and complete the tasks, because karaoke isn’t uncomfortable enough as it is!

Don’t worry, though, the winner gets to take home $10,000 — so it isn’t all that bad. Think of it as American Idol meets Fear Factor, with a dash of Jackass thrown in for good measure.

The new reality series doesn’t debut until late November, but you can check out an exclusive sneak peek of the show right here. The following clip features a woman tasked with getting through Carrie Underwood’s karaoke standard “Before He Cheats” while dipping her hand in a box of snakes and poking her head into a skunk cage. Take a look below:

Pretty ridiculous, right? If you want more of this sort of this weird insanity, check out Killer Karaoke when it premieres Friday, Nov. 23, at 9 p.m. on TruTV.

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