Lynette Rice and James Hibberd
October 16, 2012 AT 09:55 PM EDT

UPDATED 10/29 The new season has already claimed its first two victims (Made in Jersey, Animal Practice) and there’s already two other shows that are on life support. Now that we’re one month into the new season, let’s look at how most of the shows are doing in viewers and adults 18-49.

Here you go, in no particular order:

Revolution (NBC) 10.13 million,  4.0/10

Status: Full-season order and deservedly so — the NBC lights-out drama is kicking butt on Monday night and this week saw a ratings rise.

Elementary (CBS) 14.22 million, 3.5/10

Status: Full season order.

Made in Jersey (CBS) Cancelled after three episodes

The New Normal (NBC) 5.42 million, 2.2/6

Status: Full season order.

Go On! (NBC) 7.01 million, 2.7/7

Status: Full season order.

Guys With Kids (NBC) 4.9 million, 1.7/5

Status: Being at 8:30 p.m. probably helps. If we had to choose between this and Animal Practice getting a back nine, we vote for the daddies.

666 Park Ave (ABC) 6.45 million, 2.1/5

Status: Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams are not scaring up many fans, but ABC isn’t ready to red tag the building just yet. It ordered a few more scripts to keep the writers’ room open until it decides whether to pick up the back nine.

The Last Resort (ABC) 8.95 million, 2.2/7

Status: Solid DVR numbers but we’d like to see the submarine drama stop its dive. Just like on 666, ABC ordered more scripts.

The Mob Doctor (Fox) 3.96 million, 1.2/3

Status: Oof, this is a dog. Time to send it to the pet cemetery.

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