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Hillary Busis
October 16, 2012 AT 08:27 PM EDT

Sarah Silverman’s father, Donald, isn’t exactly taciturn. Take the comedian’s word for it: “My dad is pretty much fearless, which makes him a natural showman and public speaker. He’s always the one asked to make a toast or a speech,” she wrote in her 2010 memoir. Donald is also the source of his daughter’s famous potty mouth: “When I was three years old, I learned to swear from my father, but he taught me with every intention to do so. It was like he was teaching a ‘cursing as a second language’ course for one.” So it should be no surprise that when a rabbi took aim at Sarah in an article published on The Jewish Press, Donald soon leapt to his youngest child’s defense — using language blue enough to make Sarah proud.

After spying a video for her “Let My People Vote” campaign, Rabbi Yaakov Rosenblatt penned an open letter to Sarah that criticizes her for pursuing a career in comedy instead of getting married and having Jewish babies. Seriously: “Surely you appreciate being alive and surely, if the wonder of your womb were afflicted with your weaknesses and blessed with your strengths, it would be happy to be alive, too,” he wrote. (See, because getting married is “the most basic desire of the feminine soul.”)

He follows that zinger with this one: “Nothing you say or stand for, Sarah, from your sickening sexual proposal to a Republican donor to your equally vulgar tweet to Mitt Romney, has the slightest thing to do with the most basic of tenets which Judaism has taught the world -– that the monogamous relationship is the most meaningful one and that a happy marriage is the key to wholesomeness.”

The very first response to the piece, written via Facebook, comes from a man named Donald Silverman. By clicking on his name, you can see that he’s the real deal — Sarah’s 75-year-old father. In his comment, Donald calls Rabbi Rosenblatt “Rabbi Idiot” and asks him to take his “false god” and shove it “up your judgmental ass.” Yep, sounds like a Silverman!

But that wasn’t all. Check out Donald’s second comment (all sic), written to someone who asked if Sarah really needed her father to come to her defense:

Hey asshole: Daughter #1 is a rabbi. Not by your standards. She’s reform. How dare she, a lowly woman think god wants her to be a rabbi, created from a mere rib. Her hubby, three times nominated for a nobel peace prize was listed by the Jerusalem Post as the 49th most influential jew in the world built the worlds largest solar field in israel. By the way, Sarah was also on the list. I missed your name. Oldest granddaughter is serving in the Israel Defense Forces. I’m sure you also served.Oh I forgot the orthodox don’t do that. You don’t f– with my family.

Phew! And just in case you doubt his words: Yes, Sarah’s older sister Susan is a rabbi who lives in Jerusalem. Her husband is Jewish leader Yosef Abramowitz; his work has, in fact, led to three co-nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Can Donald Silverman be a defender-for-hire?

Update: Sarah has tweeted a response to Donald’s defense of her: “Oh, Dad! You’re my hero. Where do you get such moxie??”

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