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Tara Fowler
October 17, 2012 AT 06:49 PM EDT

After what felt like months of speculation and unconfirmed reports, Fox officially announced on Tuesday that Khloé Kardashian and Mario Lopez will be your new X Factor hosts.

The two won’t be appearing on the show until it goes live in November, so there’s no telling what kind of hosts they will be just yet (though here’s hoping they won’t be the fiasco that was “Stevecrest,” aka Steve Jones), but we certainly have enough material to brainstorm. After all, Lopez has been the host of Extra since 2008, while Kardashian has starred on a bevy of E! reality shows including Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar. We break it down for you pro/con style below:

Khloé Kardashian

Pros: Khloé can manage conflict like nobody else. Remember that time on Kourtney and Kim Take New York where Kim went absolutely berserk after Khloé woke her up? I would have started screaming right back, but Khloé handled situation with aplomb. On a show that runs high with emotion, Khloé is just the sort of person you want to have around. That guy who stole the microphone this season? Khloé would have gotten him to hand it over and admit his wrongdoing, no problem.

What’s more, Khloé knows what it’s like to be eliminated from a reality show. In 2009, she was (rather unfairly) booted from The Celebrity Apprentice because Donald Trump didn’t like the fact that she had a DUI. She took the elimination like a champ, walking out with her head held high (which was all the more impressive for her stilettos). Khloé’s tough when she needs to be, but I think she’ll be great at counseling the more distraught contestants, if only for her experience in being one of those rejected competitors.

Cons: She can be a little shy sometimes. When Trump was ragging on her, she sat there and took it quietly. I think her soft voice will be good for setting the contestants at ease, but will she actually be a good presenter? Will she be able to banter with the judges? Moreover, I’m curious how much her family will get involved in this. Khloé Kardashian is one thing, all the Kardashians is different. And they have a habit of appearing on each other’s shows. (I actually would love to see a Kim Kardashian/Britney Spears showdown…)

The Verdict: Khloé Kardashian will be a favorite among the contestants, but she might not be a match for the judges.

Mario Lopez

Pros: Lopez actually has experience hosting — he’s made a career out of it! From Pet Star to America’s Best Dance Crew to Extra, it feels like he’s done it all. (He even guest co-hosted The Wendy Williams Show once.) The X Factor should be a breeze for good ol’ Mario. He’s got those cute little dimples too, which never hurts. And he won’t tower over the contestants like Steve Jones (Lopez is 5’11” as opposed to Jones’ 6’4”).

Cons: He’s been everywhere, so people might have Mario Lopez fatigue.

The Verdict: Mario Lopez’s experience will set him ahead, but will he stand out or just be another Ryan Seacrest?

What are your thoughts on the new hosts, PopWatchers? Do you miss Steve Jones?

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