James Hibberd
October 18, 2012 AT 02:55 PM EDT

Want to see how Once Upon a Time introduces Captain Hook on Sunday?

Below is an exclusive non-spoilery video showing the first scene with Colin O’Donoghue’s character. Some setup: This is a fairy tale land flashback from before Rumpelstiltskin became The Dark One (and, for that matter, before Captain Hook really became Captain Hook). Right before this moment we learn Rumple can’t find his wife. Remember, she’s the one whose fate we received some conflicting information about last season. And did you see yesterday’s interview with Robert Carlyle about how he created the character of Rumple?

The clip from Sunday’s must-watch episode is below…

And here’s ABC’s Hook-centric promo for the episode that aired last Sunday, which reveals a bit more than you might want to see if you wish to remain unspoiled (and I guess you can’t be accused of knocking off Hans Zimmer’s Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack for a promo when it’s all in the Disney family!):

Oh and have you seen our Once Upon a Time cover this week? It’s chock full of Once Upon scoop and you can buy it here:


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