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Erin Strecker
October 19, 2012 AT 03:32 PM EDT

It seems it’s much ado about nothing in the latest chapter of the Lindsay Lohan saga.

Last night, Bret Easton Ellis — himself no stranger to controversytweeted, “Patrick Bateman [from American Psycho, which Ellis wrote] has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan’s hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f–king ADR on ‘The Canyons’ today…” (ADR stands for additional dialogue recording).

Ellis is the screenwriter for The Canyons, Lohan’s new movie about 20-something Los Angeles residents flirting with the dark side of sexual obsession. It’s due in theaters next year.

When reached for comment, Lohan’s publicist told EW: “Lindsay did not miss anything. She has started promoting Liz & Dick and her schedule had to be changed. That’s all.”

Perhaps Lohan will address all the rumors when she sits down with Barbara Walters next month.

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