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Jeff Jensen
October 20, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Chevy Chase plays a bigot on NBC’s cult fave sitcom Community, and he doesn’t think it’s very funny. Especially right now.

Production on the show’s fourth season was interrupted on Friday after the star lost his temper over material he found objectionable. Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, is prone to saying outrageously insensitive statements. According to sources familiar with the situation, the actor has become increasingly uncomfortable with how Pierce expresses his unique brand of racism, and this frustration boiled over on Friday during an outburst in which Chase said the n-word while making a point about what Pierce might be asked to say next.

The incident was first reported by Deadline.com.

It remains unclear how producers will address the matter. NBC and Sony, which produces the sitcom, have yet to issue comments.

This is not the first time Chase has had creative issues with Community’s creative direction. Tension between the actor and Community’s creator and ousted showrunner Dan Harmon turned ugly last year. In a recent interview with EW, Community’s new exec producers David Guarascio and Moses Port said they had a good working relationship with Chase.

The premiere date for the fourth season of Community remains to be determined.

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