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'The Wolverine': Chat live with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold from the set -- EXCLUSIVE

Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Fellow film geeks, do you have some questions about next year’s Wolverine sequel? Are you wondering how closely the movie will adhere to the Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolvie-meets-Ninjas miniseries? Or do you just want to inquire about Hugh Jackman’s fitness regimen? Then you’re in luck: EW is excited to announce that star Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold will be hosting a live chat from the set of The Wolverine next Monday, October 29th, at 4:00 pm ET (1:00 PM PT) – accessible on the movie’s YouTube channel and official website. But don’t take our word for it – learn all about it straight from the Wolverine’s mouth in this video:

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