Darren Franich
October 23, 2012 AT 04:28 PM EDT

As part of our ongoing national effort to avoid talking about anything of actual political substance during this fraught election season, America has discovered a popular new hobby this month: Complaining about the moderators of the presidential debates. Last week, CNN’s Candy Crowley was criticized for her role in the “Act of Terror” episode — a semantic issue which quickly dominated the post-debate discourse, right alongside “binders full of women” and other things no one will care in a month. Now it’s Bob Schieffer’s turn. The host of Face the Nation has taken some heat for letting the candidates wander away from the third debate’s Foreign Policy subject matter into domestic policy issues, thus depriving the viewing public of our promised full 90 minutes of Romney yelling “Tough on China, Soft on Latin America!” while Obama intoned “Bin Laden, Bin Laden, Bin Laden” over a thumping bass line.

Schieffer went on CBS’ CBS This Morning this morning and claimed he was just letting the candidates lead the conversation. He admitted he was “surprised” that the conversation strayed so far afield into the economy: “I let that run for a while, then I tried to get them back on foreign policy.” Schieffer noted, though, that this is after all the candidate’s campaign. They want to scuffle over the semantics of education reform instead of the semantics of foreign policy? Then semanticize away! Watch Schieffer below

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