Hillary Busis
October 23, 2012 AT 02:26 PM EDT

So that‘s why Donald Trump’s hair is so fluffy: It’s full of secrets. And tomorrow, he’ll reveal one of those secrets to the world at large.

It’s gonna be yuge.

Trump announced on Fox & Friends yesterday that he knows “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.” The mogul told TMZ Live that he plans to release said information “around noonish” on Wednesday, though he demurred when asked to give any more information about it — including whether Obama will be happy once Trump’s October Surprise has gone public. So far, Trump’s extremely active Twitter page has remained mum on the issue, though he has opined about Lance Armstrong and his “enemies.”

So, what could Trump possibly have up his incredibly luxurious sleeves?  Maybe he’s discovered Obama’s real birth certificate. Maybe he read the president’s diary, which is filled with pages of “Mr. and Mr. Bill Ayers” written in bubble letters and doodles of hammers and sickles. Or maybe Trump’s going to shock the world by unveiling something damning he learned about Mitt Romney, possibly while they were vacationing together in a European country only rich people know about.

Whatever happens, let’s savor these last few moments of ignorant bliss — because as we all know, Trump has the power to alter reality. Remember when he hosted a Romney fundraiser that didn’t exist, according to the candidate’s camp?

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