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Justin Timberlake serenades Jessica Biel at wedding reception -- What song would you want to hear?

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Sorry gals, it looks like love. While performing at his wedding reception, Justin Timberlake reportedly debuted a new song for his ladylove, Jessica Biel.

Us Weekly reported the news, and if true, this means that the man whose music career has been on hold since 2006 actually took the time to pen some lyrics for his betrothed. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Since the ceremony consisted of an intimate gathering of friends and family, I doubt there’s any shaky camera footage of the performance out there. (Not that we didn’t try combing YouTube.) There’s no word on whether Timberlake will release the new tune, but in the meantime, let’s debate which Timberlake song we would have wanted him to sing to us?

1. “Rock Your Body”: Come on, it’s the perfect first dance song.


2. “Señorita”: If you’re having doubts about a previous relationship…


3. “Sexy Back”: Nothing will put you in the mood for the wedding night quite like this. Fifty Shades of Grey fans, this is your beat.


4. “Until the End of Time”: For the romantics.


5. “Bye Bye Bye”: For the sadists.


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