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Sandra Gonzalez
October 23, 2012 AT 05:59 PM EDT

The last of three presidential debates took place last night, but while past debates have delivered moments and memes that have fed the Internet’s need for fodder for days after, this one has had rather low-key aftershocks.

Sure, news networks still have the big, splashy headlines, but it seems even the media has had a little trouble finding the hook this morning. CNN is focused on fact-checking, Fox News was contemplating whether zingers would translate to votes in Obama’s case, and at last glance, MSNBC was highlighting the risks of the President’s stronger rhetoric.

No where is there one buzzy moment, one big flub, one giant confrontation. Some people tried to make Obama’s horses and bayonets comment into a thing last night and into this morning. But let’s get real, people: It’s no Big Bird. It’s not even laughing Joe.

So what does that mean? Was it simply a more civil debate than the previous ones? Was the subject (foreign policy) not as hot button of a topic as, say, the economy? Was there less to debate? (Some say yes.) Or are we tired? After two debates, I’m willing to bet that even those who were undecided voters have made a decision — if not, they’re at least leaning. Meanwhile, are those who went into the whole process knowing where they stand just ready to vote at this point?

Share your thoughts below on the matters above in the comments section, and also tell me if you felt like last night’s debate lacked.

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