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'Pretty Little Liars' Halloween episode react: 6 burning questions

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Last night’s Halloween episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars was – as has come to be the norm with this dark-and-twisty show – rather explosive. Well, not literally explosive – although that wouldn’t be out of the realm for this drama. But so much happened when our Pretty Little Liars foursome – Aria, Spencer, Hannah, and Emily – jumped on that Halloween night Ghost Train with (most of) the rest of Rosewood. And Adam Lambert. Yes, Adam Lambert was there, too! He performed two songs, which were actually pretty fun to watch.

And despite the photo attached here where Hannah looks like she’s smiling, that’s not the reaction I think most people would have from watching the episode. No smiles after the deadly episode! My major response was: Huh? So many questions! (Again, not shocking with this show.)

Questions like: Who killed Garrett? Who is the Queen of Hearts? Was that Alison’s body in the ice chest? Was that creepy little girl the same one from last year’s Halloween episode? Whose hand popped out of the ground? And, rather importantly: Could Ezra be on the “A” team? All those questions are why I thought it best to react to the hour by dissecting (or trying to dissect!) some of the biggest burning questions from last night’s episode:

That’s a tricky question, right? The obvious answer would be “A,” but these days, that could be a number of people. First culprit is Mona – who it seems was there dressed in a costume nearly the same as what Caleb was wearing. (Right? That was her getting a little frisky with Hannah there in that one particular scene?) Or it could have been Toby, who seemed to disappear during much of the high drama of the evening. Or the Joker-looking Queen of Hearts person who drugged Aria and stuffed her in a box with Garrett’s body? All possibilities. Bet you we won’t find out for a while.

Last season, we saw Mona singing a song with the Queen of Hearts card in her hand in an episode, and this time, the Joker-esque Queen of Hearts came to life. Who was in that costume? Who was it wearing those big talons as fingernails? (We saw the girls retrieve one of those fingernails.) Will we see her again? What did she use to drug Aria? So many questions! And, sadly, so few answers at this point.

I think we’re supposed to believe that. But I heard there was some rumblings on Twitter that it could have also been Maya’s body, which in my opinion doesn’t seem likely. With the Byron-Alison storyline coming to a head soon (Garrett’s big reveal!), I think we have to assume that Alison’s remains have returned. But then again, with Pretty Little Liars, it’s impossible to assume anything.

Yep, that was a clever little nod to last year’s Halloween episode. The storyline as a whole didn’t really go anywhere, but it was fun to watch, and hey, Laura Leighton, who plays Hannah’s mom Ashley, looked smashing as a nurse! She could easily have hung with her daughter and friends, who also looked just divine in their Halloween costumes.

The tag at the end of the episode showed the dug-up plot in Alison’s backyard with a hand clawing its way to the surface. Someone was buried alive! Again, I’m assuming here – again not a good idea with PLL! – but I think what we’re supposed to take away at this point is that Alison had a second act before she died that fateful night, which launched the show. She was buried alive, and then resurfaced for another tear through Rosewood before she was actually killed. You know what that means: There’s so much more to the night that she was killed that we don’t know. Garrett made that clear, too, when he revealed what he saw with Alison and Aria’s dad Byron talking in the backyard. Get ready for some good flashbacks in the next season, which launches in January.

With the way he showed up on the train there at the end, it seems very likely that maybe Ezra could be working with the “A” team. But then again, that’s probably what the show’s producers and writers want us to think. He popped in after all the action with some excuse about how he’d come to find Aria, just about the same time that we saw the resurface of Toby, who we already know is working with “A,” aka Mona (and who knows how many other people!). It seems a big far-fetched to believe that both Ezra and Toby would be working with “A,” but crazier things have happened in Rosewood, right? It’s definitely a possibility.

But what do you think Pretty Little Liars fans? Were you satisfied with the episode? What burning questions do you have about last night’s episode? Discuss in the comments section below!

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