Watch Swedish metal band Graveyard's 'Endless Night' video - EXCLUSIVE |

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Watch Swedish metal band Graveyard's 'Endless Night' video - EXCLUSIVE


(Anders Bergstedt)

Sure, most of the great Scandinavian metal bands hail from Norway, but don’t count out that country’s neighbor. Sweden is no slouch when it comes to the devil’s music – especially Graveyard, whose new album Lights Out lands on these shores on November 6 (you can pre-order the CD here and the digital version here).

Taking cues from the swampier, bluesier side of Black Sabbath, Graveyard have released two previous albums of impeccably scuzzy rock full of caustic spasms and thick fuzz. They continue that tradition on Lights Out, which turns up the throbbing low end and gives frontman Joakim Nilsson extra space to croon and bellow.

“Endless Night” is as good an entry point as any for this quartet of bearded tundra-dwellers, so check out the exclusive premiere of the freewheeling, head-tripping video below:

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